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Kobe Bryant’s Public Memorial Service Is Today



LOS ANGELES — For the bulk of his career with the Lakers, Kobe Bryant turned Staples Center into his stage, fashioning basketball into performance art. He soared and scowled, endearing himself to fans who celebrated his competitive drive. It is not often that an athlete becomes synonymous with an arena, but Staples Center seemed to belong to Bryant in a singular way.

“He helped build this arena,” said Lee Zeidman, the president of Staples Center since it opened in 1999.

In the wake of Bryant’s death last month, there was some discussion among family members, including his wife, Vanessa, and city officials about the site of a public memorial service, Zeidman said. An outdoor venue like the Rose Bowl, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum or Dodger Stadium would have been able to accommodate the most people.

“A lot of people were weighing in,” Zeidman said in an interview last week. “But for the men and women who work at Staples Center, we felt that this was the place to do it. He put five championship banners on the walls here. Both of his numbers are retired here. And we’re very proud and humbled that Vanessa chose to do it here.”

But Bryant had a unique relationship with Staples Center as the arena’s most magnetic draw for 17 consecutive years — and he formed ties to many who still work there.

Andy Bernstein, the longtime photographer for the Lakers who collaborated with Bryant on Bryant’s 2018 book, “The Mamba Mentality: How I Play,” was invited to attend Monday’s event as a guest. But Bernstein declined so he could work at the event in his usual role, as a photographer. It was what Bryant would have wanted him to do, he said.

“Part of the ‘Mamba mentality’ was strength,” Bernstein said in a telephone interview. “The strength to overcome. The strength to get through stuff. I think about Kobe and what he would be saying in this moment. He would be saying, ‘You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.’”

Entering the weekend, Zeidman said the list of invited guests, speakers and performers was still “very fluid.” The Lakers and the Bryant family were coordinating the program, Zeidman said, and few details had been disclosed. Zeidman said he was not privy to many of them.

“There’s been virtually no information outside of instructions to save all of our dressing rooms,” he said.

A number of celebrities and athletes are expected to be on hand, including members of the Lakers and the Clippers, and former N.B.A. stars like Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the league’s career leading scorer. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks are among the current players who have said they will attend, along with Luke Walton, a Lakers teammate of Bryant’s who now coaches the Sacramento Kings.

Sabrina Ionescu, a guard for the University of Oregon women’s basketball team, told the Pac-12 Network that she was among those who had been invited to speak. Ionescu had grown close to Bryant, a vocal advocate for women’s sports in recent years, and to Gianna, who had dreamed of playing in the W.N.B.A.

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Working at home | News, Sports, Jobs



Submitted photo
Tarik Muse, a former Liberty High School athlete who is now an assistant strength and conditioning coordinator at Mercer University, slaps hands with Mercer players before a game. Muse offers tips on how athletes can stay in shape despite using limited equipment while at home.

Home training

First in a series of stories on how athletes can stay in shape during Ohio’s “stay-at-home” order issued in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Terry Grossetti is the strength and conditioning coach at Youngstown State University, and the former Slippery Rock football player owns two training facilities in western Pennsylvania, where he has helped prepare around 150 athletes for the NFL — 80 being signed to NFL contracts.

And yet, over the last few weeks with his business being shut down, the well-conditioned 34-year-old has been working out at home like most everyone else who’s trying to stay in shape during the “stay-at-home” order set in place by Gov. Mike DeWine in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The situation has been tough for just about everyone in the Mahoning Valley, and high school athletes are no exception. State tournaments were canceled for the majority of the winter sports and spring sports are on hold — as is any training, weightlifting or conditioning at area high schools.

That doesn’t mean athletes can’t stay in shape, and Grossetti, Reuben Green III and Tarik Muse, all strength and conditioning coaches at Division I colleges, have some tips on how athletes can continue to build their bodies during these trying times.

In stories over the next few days, different areas of exercising, speed training, weightlifting and nutrition will be explored by coaches and coordinators who are currently finding ways to keep college athletes in shape despite limited equipment and communication.

“A wise man once told me, the more equipment you need as a trainer, the worse a trainer that you are,” said Grossetti, now in his second year at YSU. “Our programs are still pretty good. You don’t necessarily need a lot of equipment to develop power, to develop speed. A lot of those concepts that you’re going to be applying to the athletes are basically using their body weight anyway. You just have to find a way that they can do that in the privacy of their own home or at a local track, or yard or high school.”

The first part to a workout is the warm-up, and all three coaches agreed that warm-ups have changed dramatically over the years.

Spending 10 to 15 minutes stretching the entire body before a workout is now a thing of the past. There are a few ways athletes can prepare for the training session; it just depends on what the person will be doing.

Green, a Youngstown State graduate who coached in the area before moving on to the collegiate level, said “dynamic” stretching, which mimics the motions of the upcoming workout, is a good starting point.

“You want to get warmed up with the movement that you’re doing, more of a dynamic warm-up,” said Green, who had stops at Stanford and Ohio State before becoming the assistant strength and conditioning coordinator at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. “I like more of a static stretching at the end, kind of in a yoga format, to really focus on your breathing while stretching. But in the beginning, more of a dynamic warm-up, just get your body going through the movement that it’s about to do.”

Grossetti was on the same page.

He said athletes should almost never “static stretch,” which is essentially holding a stretch longer than 10 seconds, prior to training. He said muscles lose their elasticity and “ability to produce force” after static stretching. Instead, he uses similar tactics as Green.

“At Youngstown State, we do a ton of mobility work before we train,” Grossetti said. “There’s a difference between mobility and flexibility. We do mobility work beforehand. Basic mobility is to get the tissues that we’re about to train with warmed up and mobile to be able to handle the load that they’re about to be forced upon.”

One basic example of a “dynamic” stretch or “mobility” is to lean forward with your hands against a wall swing each leg back and forth (side to side and front to back), Grossetti said. This rotates the hip and prepares the lower half of the body for a number of possible exercises. Again, he emphasized that the movement depends on what the upcoming workout will be.

“Mobility is more about your joints,” he said. “Flexibility is more about your muscles.

Muse added a little wrinkle to the warm-up.

The 2014 Liberty High School graduate is a strength and conditioning coach at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, after stops at Duke and North Carolina State. He agrees that static stretching prior to training is not helpful. He does like to work in another tactic.

“I’m a big fan of doing some soft-tissue work with like foam rollers, lacrosse balls, baseballs, stuff like that, to break up the some of the scar tissue that they may have in those sore areas,” said Muse of pressing and rolling different implements against sore areas of the body. “I do that before sprinting or lifting. After they get their workout in, if they feel like they need to stretch afterwards, I’d let them do that.”

While stretching before training was frowned upon, all agreed that yoga is a great workout to help with recovery and flexibility.

Some other important areas of preparation, according to all three, were having proper rest, being hydrated and not allowing TV, phones or electronic devices to distract from the workout.

“Your nutrition, your hydration and your sleep play a pretty big role,” Grossetti said.

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Redskins Sign Ronald Darby⁈ + Why We Should Sign S Damarious Randall + Why 2020 Will Be Big Try Out!



Welcome to Street Scores! It’s your boy Rico giving y’all some more heat! DAILY REDSKINS NEWS! Very important topics! JUST IN! Here, I give ya’ll all of the background information, speculations, professional insights and opinions, critical analysis, and everything else concerning this Ronald Darby situation!

Today’s Topics:
Redskins sign cornerback Ronald Darby to a 1-year prove it deal worth $4 million! Is this a steal⁈ What does the cornerback group look like⁈ Is it not a big weakness anymore⁈ Will the Redskins still pursue Bashaud Breeland or Logan Ryan⁈ + Why the Redskins should get ex Browns safety Damarious Randall! + How 2020 Regular Season will basically be one big try out, audition, test run for many players! & Ron Rivera is handling free agency like this! What is Rivera’s long-term strategy⁈

Let Me Know:
Are you happy we signed Ronald Darby⁈ Do you want Damarious Randall⁈ Do you like Rivera’s first off season⁈

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Some of the photos and videos used in this video are found through Google and are not owned by me. All music is either owned by me or has been given permission to use by my cousin Lyriq Harper.

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redskins organization big changes moves decisions select report speculation debate opinion ideal great optimal best possible resolution scenario outcome who will be the next redskins complete control bright future huge shakeup decision making rumors hire talent ranking best potential reached excel gameplan top ranked position simple best better suited preference recommendation approval automatic next new around will start have a true impact immediately change the redskins franchise forever are redskins finally actually good competitive win next season 2020 are getting better worse with this move

nfl free agency who which players redskins cheap expensive money hope plans fell through happy excited lose winners unexpected plan objective goal who the redskins want focused on best option alternatives future prospects how affected the draft will the redskins target versatile for cheap signed review analysis approved too much money instead traded disappointed sad upset reaction activity surprise ron rivera kyle smith dan snyder stupid decision signing all contract details

ronald darby is very talented high upside 2017 eagles superbowl run pro football focus pff graded high but keeps getting hurt injuries led to terrible 2019 season bounceback recover in jack del rio defense potential low risk high reward 1 year prove it deal signings sean davis competition starting free safety back up training camp battle linebacker group deep depth starter versatility slot corner kendall fuller is there any chance the redskins still get sign bashaud breeland logan ryan from the titans redskins should not will not trade back from 2nd overall pick take chase young tank


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100 Best Youth Hockey Jerseys (USA)



We pick the TOP 2 Youth Hockey Jerseys in EACH STATE in the USA!
Enjoy our list of the Top 100 Youth Hockey Jerseys.
Birmingham Bulls (AL)
Huntsville Jr. Chargers (AL)
Alaska Blue Devils (AK)
South Anchorage Mighty Moose (AK)
Little Rock Aces (AR)
NW Arkansas Jr. IceHogs (AR)
Arizona Jr Sun Devils (AZ)
Arizona Jr. Coyotes (AZ)
LA Jr. Kings (CA)
San Jose Jr. Sharks (CA)
Colorado Thunderbirds (CO)
Vail Mountaineers (CO)
Whalers Youth Hockey (CT)
Mid-Fairfield Jr. Rangers (CT)
Delaware Ducks (DE)
Delaware Jr. Blue Hens (DE)
Florida Jr. Everblades (FL)
Florida Alliance (FL)
Atlanta Mad Hatters (GA)
Columbus Cottonmouths (GA)
Hawaii: NONE
Iowa City Blizzard (IA)
Des Mounds Buccaneers AAA (IA)
Lewis Clark Lightning (ID)
Salmon Rapids (ID)
Chicago Fury (IL)
Chicago Mission (IL)
Indy Jr. Fuel (IN)
Fort Wayne Force (IN)
Kansas City Stars (KS)
Topeka Jr Roadrunners (KS)
Owensboro Puckhogs (KY)
Lexington Thoroughbreds (KY)
Baton Rouge Blades (LA)
Louisiana Junior IceGators (LA)
South Shore Kings (MA)
Boston Jr. Eagles (MA)
Team Maryland (MD)
Tri-City Eagles (MD)
Maine Moose (ME)
Brewer Witches (ME)
Little Caesars (MI)
Honeybaked (MI)
Warroad HS Hockey (MN)
Minnesota Blades (MN)
St. Louis Blues AAA (MO)
St. Joseph Griffons (MO)
Gulf Coast Aces (MS)
Miles City Generals (MT)
Copper City Kings (MT)
Carolina Jr. Hurricanes (NC)
Raleigh Raptors (NC)
Fargo Angels (ND)
Minot Wolves (ND)
Omaha AAA (NE)
Fremont Flyers (NE)
Top Gun (NH)
Northern Cyclones (NH)
Mercer Chiefs (NJ)
Igloo Jaguars (NJ)
New Mexico Scorpions (NM)
New Mexico Ice Wolves (NM)
Vegas Jr. Golden Knights (NV)
Nevada Jr. Wolfpack (NV)
Rome Grizzlies (NY)
Long Island Royals (NY)
Shaker Heights Red Raiders (OH)
Belfry Spiders (OH)
Oklahoma City Oil Kings (OK)
Tulsa Jr. Oilers (OK)
Bend Rapids (OR)
Southern Oregon Jr Spartans (OR)
Penguins Elite (PA)
Philadelphia Jr. Flyers (PA)
Providence Hockey Club (RI)
Newport Whalers (RI)
Charleston Jr Stingrays (SC)
Carolina Rage (SC)
Sioux Falls Power (SD)
Rushmore Thunder (SD)
Knoxville Jr Ice Bears (TN)
Nashville Jr. Predators (TN)
Dalls Stars Elite (TX)
Texas Tigers (TX)
West Coast Renegades (UT)
Utah Golden Eagles (UT)
Washington Little Capitals (VA)
Ashburn Xtreme (VA)
Green Mountain Glades (VT)
Northshire Bulldogs (VT)
Seattle Jr. Thunderbirds (WA)
Tri-City Jr. Americans (WA)
Milwaukee Jr. Admirals (WI)
Northeast Wisconsin Jr Gamblers (WI)
West Virginia Wild (WV)
Morgantown Blades (WV)
Jackson Moose (WY)
Wyoming Cutthroats (WY)
Georgetown Titans (DC)


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