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Effective Ways to Ease Joint Pain | The Global Dispatch



Whether you’ve played sports for years or you’re simply getting older, your joints might ache to the point where they keep you up throughout the night. Daily stresses can put more pressure on knees, hips and ankles, which can eventually make it difficult to get around. Before seeking out surgery or taking harmful pain medications to ease the discomfort, there are several things you can do to improve the overall quality of your life.

photo/ Wolfgang Claussen via pixabay

Exercise More and Eat Healthy

Stress on the joints is sometimes caused by carrying excess weight. Obesity is an ever-growing problem, and it’s an issue that is even beginning to affect children and teens. The more weight that you carry, the more your knees and ankles have to hold up when you stand and walk. This puts unnecessary pressure on them, which can eventually lead to inflammation, cartilage wear, discomfort and severe pain. By exercising more and eating healthily, you’ll be able to lose and control weight to get that excess pressure off of your lower body.

Consider Installing a Home Lift

If you’ve considered selling your home because it has one or more flights of stairs, you’re not alone. It can be downright impossible to climb the stairs if you have a mobility issue or are just getting older. Rather than put the property up for sale, consider installing a home lift. You can ride up and down as needed through floor lifts, which will help in preventing the excessive discomfort you’d feel climbing the staircase.

Utilize Pain Relieving Gels and Patches

There are a multitude of different gels and patches available to people who have joint-related discomfort and are in need of relief. These products can be slathered on the area where it hurts and reapplied as needed throughout the day. They often contain ingredients that absorb deep into the skin and into the muscle and joint to relieve the inflammation and pain associated with excessive wear.

Use Turmeric in Daily Cooking

You might have heard recently that turmeric is an essential cure-all for individuals looking for all-around natural remedies for pain relief. It’s been thought that the way turmeric works is by reducing overall body inflammation. Not only is this beneficial for a variety of other health conditions, but it can be effective in relieving discomfort involving the bones of the legs, ankles and hips. You can use turmeric as a spice in many different dishes, and some even take over-the-counter supplements containing the ingredient.

Buy and Use Braces

Whether it’s your knee that’s bothering you, an ankle or a wrist, using a brace can help to prevent aching and tenderness around the joint. These braces are often flexible, so they can be worn underneath your clothing without the world knowing that you have it in place. They can be purchased in local stores or online to save yourself some time. The way the product works is by essentially stiffening the area of the body where it is worn, preventing the bones from moving too much and causing more agony than is necessary.

Author: JR

photo/ Jürgen Rübig

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Outraged speeches mark impeachment trial’s debut as McConnell partially retreats



Everyone knew it would be a long day when Chuck Schumer held a morning presser to object to Mitch McConnell’s rules.

And that’s precisely how the President Trump’s impeachment trial started off a couple of hours later.

These are questions that have been debated in some form for many weeks in the court of public opinion. Now it’s before a legislative body acting as a court.


In short, the Senate trial began Tuesday with elaborate arguments over process. Now process is crucial in this context, in many ways the whole ballgame. But rather than focusing on whether Trump violated his oath of office by pressuring Ukraine to investigate a political rival, the lawmakers spent much of their time debating procedures—and Republicans gave a little ground.

Many Democrats used the televised forum to repeat their accusations about Trump, Ukraine and obstruction—charges that those who have been paying attention can practically recite from memory.

With the president in Davos talking about the world economy, McConnell took the floor to respond to the Schumer news conference, in which the minority leader said “a trial with no evidence is not a trial at all—it’s a coverup.” The majority leader said his rules were “straightforward” and that pursuing witnesses could indefinitely delay the trial. Then Schumer took the floor to respond to McConnell’s response.

And the outraged speechifying began.

White House counsel Pat Cippolone was relatively brief in his opening statement, saying “there is absolutely no case” against Trump.

But Adam Schiff delivered a stemwinder for the Democrats, complete with graphics and video. The House manager said Trump tried to cheat in the election and that under the president’s approach, he “cannot be indicted, cannot be impeached. It makes him a monarch.”


Another Trump lawyer, Jay Sekulow, said the articles contained “a vague allegation about a non-crime…Why are we here? Are we here because of a phone call?” Cippollone called the charges “ridiculous” and “dangerous to our republic…A partisan impeachment is like stealing an election.”

A series of Schumer amendments were defeated over the course of the day; the GOP had the votes.

Yet McConnell did back off, under pressure from Susan Collins and other Republicans, by allowing evidence to be automatically entered into the official record, which he had tried to bar. And after insisting that each side use its 24 hours of debating time within two days, he lengthened that to three—making it less likely that the sessions would stretch into the wee hours when most of the country is asleep.

For what it’s worth, 69 percent of those in a new CNN poll say the Senate trial should call witnesses, including a 48-44 plurality among Republicans. But McConnell didn’t budge on that point for now.

The day was spent voting on a series of Schumer amendments. In the first pair of tests, Republicans beat back Schumer’s bid to subpoena White House emails and other documents and State Department documents. Both votes — 53-47 — were, as expected, along party lines.

There was, of course, a certain predictability to the trial’s first day, just as both sides fully expect Trump to be acquitted. I seriously doubt if the lawyers and lawmakers thought they were changing a single mind in the chamber.

And yet, as they spoke under the watchful eye of Chief Justice John Roberts, there was a sense of the gravity of the moment. This was not another cable-news debate; this was the trial of the president. And in some ways the senators are playing to a broader audience, and to the verdict of history.

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Cases of viral respiratory illness rise sharply in China



BEIJING — Chinese health authorities urged people in the city of Wuhan to avoid crowds and public gatherings after warning on Wednesday that a new viral illness infecting hundreds of people in the country and causing at least nine deaths could spread further.

The number of new cases has risen sharply in China, the center of the outbreak. There were 440 confirmed cases as of midnight Tuesday in 13 jurisdictions, said Li Bin, deputy director of the National Health Commission. Nine people have died, all in Hubei province, since the outbreak emerged in its provincial capital of Wuhan late last month.



‘There has already been human-to-human transmission and infection of medical workers,” Li said at a news conference with health experts. ‘Evidence has shown that the disease has been transmitted through the respiratory tract and there is the possibility of viral mutation.”

The illness comes from a newly identified type of coronavirus, a family of viruses that can cause the common cold as well as more serious illnesses such as the SARS outbreak that spread from China to more than a dozen countries in 2002-2003 and killed about 800 people.

Thailand authorities Wednesday confirmed four cases, a Thai national and three Chinese visitors. Japan, South Korea, the United States and Taiwan have all reported one case each. All of the illnesses were of people from Wuhan or who recently had traveled there.

‘The situation is under control here,” Thailand Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul told reporters, saying there are no reports of the infection spreading to others. ‘We checked all of them: taxi drivers, people who wheeled the wheelchairs for the patients, doctors and nurses who worked around them.”



Travel agencies that organize trips to North Korea say the country has banned foreign tourists because of the outbreak. Most tourists to North Korea are either Chinese or travel to the country through neighboring China. North Korea also closed its borders in 2003 during the SARS scare.

Other countries have stepped up screening measures for travelers from China, especially those arriving from Wuhan. Worries have been heightened by the coming of the Lunar New Year holiday rush, when millions of Chinese travel at home and abroad.

Officials said it was too early to compare the new virus with SARS or MERS, or Middle East respiratory syndrome, in terms of how lethal it might be. They attributed the spike in new cases to improvements in detection and monitoring.

‘We are still in the process of learning more about this disease.’ Gao Fu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control said at the same news conference.



Gao said officials are working on the assumption that the outbreak resulted from human exposure to wild animals that were being traded in illegally at a food market in Wuhan and that the virus is mutating.

Health officials confirmed earlier this week that the disease can be spread between humans after finding two cases of people in southern Guangdong province who had not been to Wuhan. It’s not clear how contagious it is, but person-to-person transmission could allow it to spread more widely.

The Lunar New Year is a time when many Chinese return to their hometowns to visit family. Li, the health commission official, said that measures were being taken to monitor and detect infected people from Wuhan, and that people should avoid going to the city and people from the city should stay put for now.


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Man with history of cheating is caught on ‘hook-up’ sites – Twin Cities



DEAR ABBY: I just found out my husband of 18 years has been going to “hook-up” websites. He says he was just looking at the pictures, but I don’t believe him. I have caught him cheating twice in the past, so it’s hard to trust him.

My problem is, he knows I can’t leave him because I have no job, no skills, no money — nothing. I went right from my parents’ house to living with him after our wedding. We have six kids and one on the way. He will continue to go to these websites because he knows I am stuck. What should I do? — SOON-TO-BE MOTHER OF SEVEN

DEAR SOON-TO-BE MOTHER OF SEVEN: The first thing you should do is see your doctor and be checked for STDs. If you are well, thank your higher power. If you aren’t, get treatment, get well and talk to a lawyer. Your situation may not be as hopeless as you think.    Have you any relatives or friends you can stay with when you leave, change your life and become self-supporting? It may require job training and time, but please consider it.

I doubt your husband will have much time for philandering if he has six kids to take care of by himself in addition to his job. I also doubt that few, if any, women he might be hooking up with would welcome becoming the instant mother of six. And one more thing, from now on, please use birth control.


DEAR ABBY: I have been divorced for 30 years. During this time, my ex-wife has rarely spoken to me, and in the last 10 years said not one word to me. There have been many occasions and events at my son’s home to celebrate my granddaughter’s birthday, etc. My ex and many other people attend, but basically, no one speaks to me. I am totally ignored.

I have a strong hunch that during the divorce my ex told people I hit or abused her. (Not true!) She told my sister something to this effect. I believe it was a ploy to distract from the fact she had been cheating on me. Regardless, this situation is extremely hurtful and unpleasant. Any ideas how to deal with this? — OSTRACIZED AND PARALYZED

DEAR O. & P.: Have you tried to initiate a conversation? Have you asked these people why they give you the silent treatment? They’re fair questions.

After 30 years, it is a little late to correct the mindset your ex may have caused these relatives to have about you. But if at this late date you try to spread the word that she was cheating, it will accomplish nothing positive, and I don’t advise it.

P.S. If the silence continues, then I recommend you bring someone — a friend or a date — with you to these gatherings. At least you will have someone to talk to.


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