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Betty and Jughead Dating Timeline



“Hey there, Juliet.” If you love Bughead—Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones on The CW’s Riverdale—chances are you’ve quoted that Jughead line more than once. Or maybe you’ve used a GIF of Juggie saying those very words to Betty at her bedroom window. Flash-forward to season three: Bughead is on again, but only after being off for a wee bit, with some D-R-A-M-A in between. Whatever your feelings are on this relationship, they’ve come a long way since Betty asked Jughead to help her revive the Blue and Gold newspaper at Riverdale High. Here’s how we got here:

Season 1, Episode 3 (“Chapter Three: Body Double”)

Not long after Betty gets rejected by Archie on the night of the school dance, she focuses all her attention to helping solve Jason Blossom’s murder. Her first task: reviving the Blue and Gold student newspaper at Riverdale High. She enlists Jughead—sorry, “Juggie,” as she calls him in this scene—to help with the first assignment, interviewing Dilton Doiley, one of the scouts who found Cheryl Blossom at Sweetwater River after Jason died.

The CW

Season 1, Episode 5 (“Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness”)

Betty and Jughead get ready together at her house for Jason’s memorial. Upon seeing Jughead in a suit (with his signature crown beanie), Betty gives him a ~*look*~.

betty and jughead

The CW

Once at Thornhill, Betty and Jughead sneak off to look for more clues about Jason’s murder and accidentally run into Nana Rose, who thinks Betty is her sister Polly and reveals Polly and Jason were engaged. This also happens:

betty and jughead

The CW

Season 1, Episode 6 (“Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!”)

Betty invites Jughead over for breakfast with her mom Alice, who is suspicious of their guest and can’t stop overpronouncing his name. He helps Betty distract Alice at the breakfast table and TL;DR: This is how they discover Polly has been living at Sisters of Quiet Mercy, a home for troubled youth. Later, at school, when Archie asks what they’re up to and offers to help, Jughead says, “What we’re attempting is a stealth operation, Archie. If we go in there with the entire Scooby Gang, forget it, we’re compromised.” (In other words, Bai, Archie.)

After visiting Polly (and learning that she’s seven months pregnant with Jason’s child), Jughead shows up at Betty’s bedroom window and delivers the “Hey there, Juliet” line. He assures a frantic Betty that she will not become her family. They kiss for the first time but instead of fully enjoying the moment, Betty immediately thinks of searching the car that Jason had stashed for himself and Polly when he was alive.

Season 1, Episode 7 (“Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place”)

Jughead, who now lives in a small closet at school, has a ’50s-style dream about being married to Betty and literally stabbing Archie in the back. When Archie discovers where Jughead’s been sleeping, Jughead cautions him not to tell anyone, “especially not Betty,” which makes Archie suspicious.

Later that day, Jughead squeezes Betty’s shoulder in the common room at school, raising everyone’s eyebrows. When confronted about the moment by Veronica, Betty says, “Okay, so the past couple of days, I haven’t been in a great place emotionally, and Jughead was really there for me.” In response, Veronica says she approves.

bughead shoulder riverdale

The CW

Jughead walks Betty home that night, in the rain, holding hands. When Betty tells him he “didn’t have to” walk her, he says, “Uh, there’s a killer on the loose, remember? Besides, isn’t this what, you know, what people like us, who have gone through what we’ve gone through, do?” He further assures her that she’s been doing the right thing with Polly; Betty kisses Jughead, thanks him for walking her, and says she’ll call him later.

While at Pop’s for dinner with his dad (“FP”), Archie, and Fred, Jughead is grilled about Betty. “Who is Betty, is that your girlfriend?” FP asks. Before Archie can fully freak out, Jughead changes the subject. Case closed. For now.

Betty and Jughead’s relationship advances another level while at the police station, where Jughead is being questioned about why his fingerprints were found on Jason’s since-torched car. “I know who you are,” Betty tells him in the interrogation room. When he’s released (thanks for lying, Fred), Betty comforts Jughead in front of Archie, Fred, and FP, and Bughead walk away together.


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Season 1, Episode 8 (“Chapter Eight: The Outsiders”)

After casually acknowledging that Jughead is in fact her “boyfriend,” Betty throws a baby shower for Polly at the Pembrooke with some help from Juggie, who says “organizing a baby shower…is totally on my bucket list.”

betty jughead shower kiss

The CW

When all hell breaks loose after Archie shows up with important information that FP is a Serpent, Betty lays down some ground rules for the RMS Bughead. “If we’re gonna be together, I wanna know who you are. All of it,” she says to Jughead. Later, after questioning FP about Jason’s murder, Betty tells Jughead outside the trailer that she believes him no matter what. They kiss.

betty and jughead kissing

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Season 1, Episode 9 (“Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion”)

While comforting a crying Betty, who’s upset about Polly living at Thornhill and their parents fighting over The Register newspaper (remember when Alice threw a rock through the office window?), Jughead delivers an inspiring speech to his girlfriend. “Don’t do that, don’t give up,” he says, drying her tears. “Your family is definitely splintering right now, but it won’t fall apart because of you. You’re holding them together. You’re so much stronger than all the white noise. You’re stronger than your mother. You’re stronger than your father. You’re holding this family together. So don’t…don’t let go.”

Season 1, Episode 10 (“Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend”)

After Archie tells Betty it’s Jughead’s birthday, Betty plans a surprise outing for her beau, even though he traditionally spends the day watching a double feature at The Bijou. When she calls FP to invite him out, FP reveals Jughead has never had a birthday party and hates surprises. Clearly not getting all the messages, Betty organizes a surprise “inner circle only” birthday party for Jughead and somehow finds the time to buy a gray sweater featuring a yellow crown on the front.

Ahead of the party, Betty goes to The Bijou with Jughead to watch An American Werewolf in Paris. “I’m all about the beast within,” she says as the lights go down.

An uncomfortable Jughead later walks into his surprise party, which kicks off with Betty singing “Happy Birthday” while holding a cake. “That was haunting, Betty,” says Jughead, who looks like he’s just seen a ghost. He later tells her, “I’m not normal. I’m not wired to be normal.” Cheryl and 90 percent of the school show up with kegs and the Andrews residence immediately becomes party central.

In the garage, Jughead delivers his now-famous “weirdo” speech to Betty: “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo, I don’t fit in, and I don’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? That’s weird….It’s not just a party. It’s the fact that you don’t know or even care that this is the last thing I would want. You did this for you. To prove something…you’re a great girlfriend. Doesn’t it ever occur to you just how different we are? Like, on a cellular, DNA kind of level. You’re a straight-A student. You’re a cheerleader, for god’s sake. You’re the perfect girl next door. I’m the damaged, loner outsider from the wrong side of the tracks. Betty, come on. Who are we kidding? We’re on borrowed time. Betty, I’m not one of your projects. Okay?”

Before the party gets out of hand, FP tells everyone to go home and advises Jughead not to screw things up with Betty. Bughead reconvene at Pop’s, and over milkshakes, Jughead tells Betty, “Sometimes, when people do nice things to me, I short-circuit. Maybe I’m not used to it. Maybe I’m scared of getting hurt. Being rejected. For being myself.” Betty comes clean about Dark Betty and her bleeding palms. He clasps her hands into his, kisses them, and they kiss in the booth.

betty jughead kiss at pops

The CW

Season 1, Episode 11 (“Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again”)

Alice invites Jughead and a clean-shaven FP to her house for dinner ahead of Homecoming at Riverdale High. After an uncomfortable grilling session, Betty ends the dinner (and skips peach pie!) and goes to Homecoming with Jughead. Hours later, FP is arrested for Jason’s murder and an angry Jughead leaves Homecoming.

betty jughead homecoming

The CW

Season 1, Episode 13 (“Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter”)

Not long after it’s revealed (via a USB stick in the lining of Jason’s varsity jacket) that Clifford was the one who pulled the trigger on his own son, Betty publishes an article about the unfair treatment of FP in the investigations. Her locker is splattered with the message “Go to hell, Serpent slut” in pig’s blood. The next day, Jughead is sent to Southside High by social services. Betty shows up to the caf, where Jughead is seen conversing with other students. “I’m not letting Riverdale’s civil war split us apart, Jug,” she says, before they share a sweet hug outside. Witnessing the moment, Veronica tells Archie, “They’re each other’s soul mates. Good for them, don’t you think?”

bughead sex scene riverdale

The CW

Later that night, after speaking at the Jubilee and asking Riverdale to “do better” for their own, like FP and Jughead, Betty and Jughead head back to the trailer (while FP remains in jail, since he helped get rid of Jason’s body). “Until he gets out, I’m not giving up on him, Jug,” Betty says, leading Jughead to tell her he loves her. She says “I love you” back and the two strip down before getting interrupted by the Serpents, who arrive with Hot Dog and a Serpent jacket.

Good luck trying to get that Imagine Dragons song out of your head from this point forward.

Season 2, Episode 1 (“Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying”)

Betty hops on Jughead’s motorcycle while wearing his custom crown helmet as they head to Pop’s after Fred is shot. When Betty asks Juggie to “go slow,” he says, “It’s actually much more dangerous if we go slow. You are gonna need to hold tight.”

Later that day, Betty tells Jughead he should “do or explore” whatever he needs to (as he inches closer to #ThatSerpentLife). They kiss outside of Fred’s hospital and Betty heads home on her own (because as she says, “I think if my mom saw me getting off your motorcycle, she’d come out with a shotgun”).

Season 2, Episode 2 (“Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks”)

After arriving at Thistle House, the Blossom family’s new home, Jughead and Betty are referred to as “Hobo” and “Bride of Hobo,” respectively. In the same episode, while at Retro Night at Pop’s, Cheryl tells Bughead their PDA is “like chimps in captivity grooming and picking lice off each other.”

Season 2, Episode 3 (“Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods”)

Betty and Jughead begin to drift apart as he starts attending Southside High. After reviving Southside’s paper, the Red and Black, and befriending fellow student Toni Topaz, Jughead is jumped by the Ghoulies late one night at school. He lies to Betty and says it was a motorcycle accident.

Season 2, Episode 4 (“Chapter Seventeen: The Town That Dreaded Sundown”)

Jughead apologizes for his morning breath after Betty arrives with news that she’s going to the library to do some research for deciphering the Black Hood’s secret code. Jughead tells her he started working on it with Toni, leading Betty to suggest they all work together (and with Kevin). “It will be like a little code-breaking party. So fun! You can host!” she says, lightly hitting Jughead’s arm.

After falling asleep together at his place, Jughead later arrives to Betty’s house along with the notebooks she left behind—and her note from the Black Hood. When confronted about it, Betty says she fears that she “inspired” the Black Hood to commit his crimes. “You’re not one of the bad guys,” Jughead tells her. “You’re Betty Cooper. Like Nancy Drew meets Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”

Season 2, Episode 5 (“Chapter Eighteen: When a Stranger Calls”)

“Betty Cooper. You are a sight for sore eyes,” Jughead tells Betty at Pop’s Diner after not seeing each other in a while. The two share a long kiss but remain untruthful to each other (her Black Hood stuff; his injured hand). To cut the awkward silence, Jughead tells Betty, “I wish we could just go, just hop on my motorcycle and just leave Riverdale. Just go someplace where there’s no North Side or South Side or Serpents, Ghoulies.” Adds Betty, “No crazy moms, Black Hoods,” referring to Alice’s recently surfaced mugshot from her Serpent days. “Like Romeo and Juliet, but we live happily ever after instead.”

Before Bughead fans everywhere are able to fully soak in the moment, the Black Hood tells Betty it’s time to cut off her friends (Veronica) and Jughead, or else. She makes Archie do the dirty work, but his message is slightly interrupted by the Serpents, who arrive for Jughead’s final phase of initiation. To no one’s surprise, Jughead has no problem officially joining the group. He receives his official Serpent tattoo from Toni and spends time with her back at his trailer. With “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles playing in the background, Toni and Jughead kiss.

Season 2, Episode 6 (“Chapter Nineteen: Death Proof”)

Despite being broken up, Betty helps Jughead fix a car ahead of his race against the Ghoulies. “This is what Serpents do for fun, huh? Street-race a rival gang?” she says while asking for a tool. Of her decision to break up with him, she says, “It won’t make any sense, but everything around us was imploding and I did it to protect you.”

By the end of the episode, it’s suggested that Betty and Jughead are back together. “The girl next door came clean about her danse macabre with the Black Hood, further confirmation that everyone in Riverdale wears masks,” narrator Jughead says over a shot of Bughead hanging out together in his trailer.

Season 2, Episode 7 (“Chapter Twenty: Tales From the Darkside”)

Betty and Jughead are shown waking up in his bed together in an episode that’s told from multiple perspectives. It’s mostly a snoozer, save for the opening shots of Bughead waking up together and the Black Hood calling Pop Tate at the diner to tell him everyone “failed” his test and that “the reckoning is upon us.”

bughead bed

The CW

Season 2, Episode 8 (“Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil”)

Betty gives #ThatSerpentLife a try and tells Toni she wants to be “Serpent-adjacent.” Overhearing their conversation, an old lady at the Whyte Wyrm tells Betty, “If you wanna join the club, you gotta do the dance. The Serpent dance.” Fast-forward to FP’s “retirement” party (the quotes are there because he changes his mind almost immediately after), and Betty is doing a striptease on stage while singing that song from Donnie Darko. After the dance, she meets Jughead in the parking lot, where he breaks up with her. “How many times are we going to push each other away?” Betty asks. “Until it sticks,” Jughead says, as Bughead enters the Land of Exes. Again.

Season 2, Episode 9 (“Chapter Twenty-Two: Silent Night, Deadly Night”)

Betty and Jughead exchange Christmas gifts despite being broken up. It’s later revealed that she got him a vintage Underwood typewriter and that he got her a 1987 copy of Beloved by Toni Morrison, along with a handwritten note that read, “A signed first edition for my beloved. Thanks for introducing me to your favorite writer. Love, Jug.”

jughead note to betty beloved

The CW

Later in the episode, also known as the disappointing Black Hood reveal episode, Betty and Archie share a kiss outside Thistle House (with Cheryl watching) in the middle of their search for the masked killer.

Season 2, Episode 12 (“Chapter Twenty-Five: The Wicked and the Divine”)

Some time after the kids from Southside High were sent to Riverdale High, Betty and Jughead meet up in an empty classroom. She tells him she saw him with Toni at Pop’s when the Black Hood saga was going on. “You seemed like more than pals….Did anything ever happen between you two?” Betty asks. Jughead clarifies what he and Toni were up to: “We did some stuff, but not everything.” When he throws the question back to Betty, she quickly blurts out, “No. No. Of course not,” all while wearing a heart-adorned sweater.

betty heart sweater riverdale

The CW

Between attending Veronica’s confirmation and solving the case of the decapitated General Pickens statue, Betty and Jughead hang out in his trailer and talk for what feels like too damn long. When Jughead says, “We got rid of Tall Boy” (yeah, Tall Boy had a part in the statue head), Betty remarks how nice it is to hear “we” again. Jughead apologizes for casting Betty out and asks her to stay. The two have sex for what appears to be the first official time and get back together. In the following scene, Betty arrives home to find Alice cleaning up blood as a dead body hangs out in the Cooper living room. Thanks a lot, Chic (Betty’s brother).

Season 2, Episode 14 (“Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes”)

While picking up Betty for the Fab Four’s getaway to Veronica’s family lodge, Jughead meets Chic for the first time. In a creepy scene, Chic warns Jughead that if he tells anyone about the dead body, “It will be bad for Betty and Alice.”

At the lodge, Jughead receives a call from Cheryl, who tells him about Archie and Betty’s kiss. To “level the playing field,” Jughead and Veronica kiss while in the hot tub with their significant others. Jughead presents his case: “What if a future me tries to use your kiss with Archie against some future you? A Vughead kiss? Right now, in the present, might be precisely what it takes to save a future Bughead from imploding.” Vughead kiss and receive mixed reviews.

After the Vughead kiss, everyone heads back inside, where Betty points out who’s left to make out: Jughead and Archie. Before Jughead is able to fully react, Dark Betty comes out to play. The two have sex and Archie and Veronica are unable to shut out that evening’s Bughead bed noise.

Season 2, Episode 16 (“Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors”)

Jughead tells Betty he’s running for student body president and wants her to be his “copresident” (because apparently vice presidents don’t exist in Riverdale). In response, Betty says, “There is no me and Veronica. You have to do me a favor though. You have to let me stay here. I can’t stay in the same house as Chic anymore.” Let the cohabitation of Bughead commence!


The CW

Earlier in the episode, Betty and Chic’s ongoing sibling war leads to the revelation to Alice that Betty and Jughead have been sexually active. When Alice asks Betty if she’s “being safe” with Juggie, Betty says, “Yes, Mom, of course.” Alice then proceeds to reminisce about how when she was Betty’s age, she “wasn’t always” safe and that she’s “very well acquainted with how alluring the Jones men are.” As soon as Betty jumps to the whole OMG, FP is Chic’s dad theory, Alice snaps back: “Absolutely not.”

Season 2, Episode 17 (“Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens”)

With student elections heating up, Betty and Jughead appear in a school hall (it’s like a town hall but at school, get it?) and address concerns that things will be one-sided if they’re elected. “Jughead and I will be representing all students, North and South Side alike,” Betty says.

Alice, meanwhile, is angry that her daughter has temporarily moved out to live with Jughead. (She doesn’t want to be under the same roof as Chic, okay?) In a post–school hall chat, Alice tells FP that he should be ashamed for “letting my sweet, innocent daughter live in sin in that soup can you call a trailer.” Other important Alice lines on the topic of Bughead:

  • “Has shacking up together driven you both completely insane?”
  • “Pack your things, Betty, because this honeymoon is over. O-VER. You two playing house and running around town like loose cannons is beyond the pale.”
  • “I’m done with your ultimatums, young lady. You’re coming home now.”

    Bughead later share a moment on his couch while discussing their next move in wake of news that the car they got rid of has resurfaced.

    Jughead: “I know our parents told us to act normal….Riddle me this, what is our normal?”

    Betty: “Normal is investigating something when the entire world tells us we shouldn’t. Pumping our sources for information.”

    betty riverdale

    The CW

    jughead riverdale

    The CW

    In the same episode, after Chic mistakenly invites the real owner of the dead man’s car (from “The Wicked and the Divine”) and another dangerous man to the Cooper house, Jughead and his fellow bb Serpents barge in to save Betty and Alice. Gotta love a grand Jughead entrance.

    jughead riverdale

    The CW

    Season 2, Episode 18 (“Chapter Thirty-One: A Night to Remember”)

    As the official documentarian for Carrie: The Musical, Jughead films his boo with pride as she rehearses with the cast. Find someone who looks at you the way Juggie looks at Betty in this scene:

    jughead riverdale

    The CW

    At the sight of Midge’s dead body on stage, everyone in the audience panics. Jughead’s first thought: Betty.

    Season 2, Episode 19 (“Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners”)

    In a throwback to one of the first Bughead outings (season one, episode six), Betty and Jughead go to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and demand the truth about the connection between Svenson and Betty’s brother. Their somewhat controversial tactic used on Sister Woodhouse (Betty threatens to expose the institution’s secret conversion-therapy program that they just tried to use on Cheryl) works. Turns out, Chic is not Betty’s real brother. That’s Charles Smith, who may or may not be dead.

    betty riverdale

    The CW

    Hearing this news, Alice heads to FP’s trailer to reveal what fans have long suspected—that Charles is his son and that, yes, Betty and Jughead share(d) a brother. In a later scene, Betty gets a call from the Black Hood but lies to Jughead and says it’s her dad, aka BH suspect number one. The call eventually leads to Betty delivering him Chic, who, like Charles, may or may not be dead.

    Season 2, Episode 21 (“Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night”)

    After Hal reveals to Betty and Alice that he’s the Black Hood and is arrested by Sheriff Keller, Betty gets a mysterious call from Jughead. “I’m happy to hear your voice,” he says. “I just want you to know that I love you. I’ll never stop loving you. I’ll see you soon.” In the next scene, Jughead hands himself over to Penny Peabody and the Ghoulies to save the Serpents from getting destroyed by Hiram and his money. It’s 30 against one, FYI.

    A worried Betty calls FP, who immediately heads to Penny’s hideout to look for his son. Later, when Betty arrives, FP emerges from the bushes with what appears to be a lifeless Jughead, who’s now missing his Serpent tattoo. (Penny likely carved it out of his arm for revenge on what he did to her.) It’s hard to tell from everyone’s faces, but the look on Betty’s says everything you need to know about Jughead’s condition.

    Season 2, Episode 22 (“Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World”)

    Following a rocky seven days for Riverdale fans, the season two finale opens with Betty standing at Jughead’s gravestone. Before everyone weeps again, the show reveals that Jughead was just dreaming and is indeed alive, just a bit bruised up and recovering at the hospital. When he’s reunited with Betty, he apologizes for not being there for her during the Black Hood mess. “I never want to see him again,” she says. “Right now all I care about is you and taking care of my mom and figuring out how to atone for everything my father did.” Before they go back to snuggling, they agree that they probably should pull out of the student council race.

    With Polly and the twins back in town, Bughead briefly babysit Dagwood and Juniper. Understandably, Betty is still torn over the darkness she shares with Hal. “Jug, you think evil can be passed on? [They] were all murderers….Is it possible this baby’s going to grow up to be a monster like my father or like me?” In a line that serves as a sweet throwback to season one, episode six (“Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!”), Jughead assures Betty she’ll be fine. “Look at me. I know you. You’re a good person. You might have some darkness, just like me, but you’re not evil. Do you believe that? Do you believe me?”

    Before the season ends, the newly crowned Serpent King Jughead asks Betty how she feels “about being my queen.” This happens during their romantic stay at the Five Seasons. When Betty asks if this is a request for her to officially join the Serpents, he jokes that she can take her time and let him know, “like tomorrow at lunch.” The two go back to canoodling as Jughead the narrator prepares fans for the final scene of Archie’s arrest. “It was a foolish question, asked between two people in love, but it didn’t matter because it would soon be overshadowed by the next day’s cataclysmic event.”

    Season 3, Episode 1 (“Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day”)

    When Hot Dog the dog goes missing, Jughead rallies the Serpents for a mission to take him back from Penny and the Ghoulies, but he tells Betty to stay behind. “The Serpent Queen is a warrior queen, so if you’re on the front lines, so am I,” Betty fires back. She joins Jughead, Sweet Pea, Fangs, and new Serpent Cheryl on the mission but is ultimately useless.


    Katie Yu | The CW

    Later in the episode, Betty and Jughead frolic and make out in the water during a Labor Day weekend getaway with Archie and Veronica. When Bughead are alone by the fire, Jughead tells Betty, “From now on, we’re partners. In Serpents, in life, all of it, okay?” before putting his crown beanie on her.

    Season 3, Episode 2 (“Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men’s Eyes”)

    Betty and Jughead ooze major season one vibes when they team up to investigate Dilton Doiley’s death and Ben’s hospitalization. Their work takes them to the coroner, the hospital (where viewers learn of Ben’s last name, Button), and the forest, where they encounter what appears to be the Gargoyle King. (In between, Jughead also finds out—via Alice—about Betty’s seizure but is escorted out by his dad. Don’t worry, they have a nice talk about it in the forest.)

    bughead bunker riverdale

    The CW

    Later, Bughead also discover a bunker (with a hint from Ethel, but mostly, it’s thanks to Dilton’s map) and find a missing adventure scout inside. When Bughead return to the hospital to check on Ben, they find him at the edge of a window, saying he’s going to join Dilton. Ben jumps.

    Season 3, Episode 3 (“Chapter Thirty-Eight: As Above, So Below”)

    Kudos to this fine edit of Falice cutting right to Bughead. Both couples are in bed. Both locations are icky. (Bughead have definitely been in Falice’s bed; the bunker is just gross.)

    At school, Bughead find Ethel, who agrees to let Jughead play Gryphons and Gargoyles to see if he is “worthy” of the Gargoyle King’s scripture, aka the rule book to help them understand why Dilton and Ben died (stay with us here). She turns to Betty and says she’ll never be “worthy,” so she’ll have to sit this one out.

    When they do play the game in the bunker, Ethel makes Jughead choose an avatar (Hellcaster) and drink from one of two chalices. Before handing over the rule book, she requests a kiss from Hellcaster and then immediately drinks the remaining, poisoned chalice.

    G&G aside, Bughead do make an appearance in their speakeasy best to attend the opening of Veronica’s La Bonne Nuit. Before the episode is over, the lovebirds return to the bunker to decompress from their investigations.

    Season 3, Episode 4 (“Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club”)

    In this flashback episode starring the Riverdale teens as their parents, Lili Reinhart is young Alice, who’s pregnant after hooking up with young FP (Cole Sprouse). If anything, this episode is dedicated to those who enjoyed the previous episode’s Falice/Bughead edit. That is all.

    riverdale falice bughead

    Remember, this is Falice.

    The CW

    Season 3, Episode 5 (“Chapter Forty: The Great Escape”)

    Bughead encounter a *bit* of friction as Jughead gets too involved with G&G while Betty tries to snap him out of it. Frustrated by his obsession with the game, Betty investigates the murder of Principal Featherhead on her own and later rallies basically everyone but Jughead to help Archie escape prison.

    A nice touch: Betty using Jughead’s motorcycle (hello, Kevin) to distract the Warden so Archie could escape.

    kevin betty riverdale

    The CW

    Season 3, Episode 6 (“Chapter Forty-One: Manhunter”)

    Betty’s questioning of the Midnight Club leads to her accidentally telling FP about Jughead playing G&G. As a result, FP locks Jughead to the fridge door, but his punishment doesn’t last long. Before we know it, Betty and her trusty bobby pins are out to rescue Juggie.

    Later, Jughead calls Betty when he goes on the run with Archie, but the call is rejected by Alice, who sends Betty to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy following their Gargoyle King encounter.

    Season 3, Episode 9 (“Chapter Forty-Four: No Exit”)

    After two episodes apart, along with a quarantine, Bughead are reunited in 2019’s first Riverdale episode, which finds them waking up in Betty’s bed to the sound of a scream from one of the patients she rescued from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

    Jughead and Betty also appear in one of Archie’s hallucinations resulting from his bear attack injury.

    Season 3, Episode 10 (“Chapter Forty-Five: The Stranger”)

    After capturing Tall Boy, who’s revealed to be one of the Gargoyle Kings, he confirms that he was the one who taunted Alice and Betty at the Cooper house in “Chapter Forty-One: Manhunter.” When he details how scared they were, Jughead comes to Betty’s defense and delivers a blow to Tall Boy’s face.

    Season 3, Episode 10 (“Chapter Forty-Six: The Red Dahlia”)

    The Bughead Investigative Unit run into Penelope at her brothel, appropriately titled “The Maple Club,” while looking for clues on Hiram’s rumored mistress. While nothing major or pressing was revealed here, it was nice to see these two back to their old tricks. (Seriously, I’m ready for the spin-off.)



    Season 3, Episode 11 (“Chapter Forty-Seven: Bizarrodale”)

    In an episode that mostly centers around the supporting cast (more of this, please), the show does a brief check-in with Bughead, whose intimate night in is interrupted by calls from a worried FP and Alice, as another Gargoyle King is on the loose.

    Season 3, Episode 16 (“Chapter Fifty-One: Big Fun”)

    All right, this was a big one. While prepping for the school musical production of The Heathers, Betty and Jughead not only sing a beautiful duet together (JUGHEAD SINGING?!), but they also conspire to burn down his old trailer, which his mom has turned into a mini drug den. While watching the flames rise, things get heated for Bughead as well.

    Season 3, Episode 17 (“Chapter Fifty-Two: The Raid”)

    Although most of this episode has our boy Jug and detective Cooper on separate beats—Jughead is bringing down his mom’s gang piece by piece while Betty attempts to infiltrate the Farm—the two share a moment of “pillow talk” (his words, not mine) before facing their personal nemeses.


    The CW

    Season 4, Episode 1 (“Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam”)

    Frankly, nothing really happens with Bughead this episode, they were just mad cute together and I wanted to share this pic:


    Robert Falconer

    Still no update on season three’s ominous finale, so I won’t about Betty or Jughead until I absolutely have to.

    This post will be updated as more Bughead developments happen.

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Unode50 opens second store In Puerto Rico



Madrid-born jewelry brand Unode50 is expanding its footprint in North America with the opening of its second store in Puerto Rico. 

Unode50 opens second store In Puerto Rico. – Facebook: Unode50

The new location opened at Plaza Del Caribe in Ponce, joining 23 other stores within North America. 

The store houses a full assortment of the Spanish jewelry brand’s women’s and men’s jewelry and watch collections, including limited edition pieces. 

In store, a small gallery is in fact dedicated to artwork handcrafted by the Unode50 Design Team. The limited edition 50-piece collection uses materials such as oak and walnut combined with contrasting metals and leather detailing – reflective of the brands aesthetic. 

“We could not be happier about the opening of our newest location in Puerto Rico, which we believe will complement our location in San Juan very nicely,” said Jason McNary, CEO of the Americas for Unode50, in a news statement. 

“Plaza Del Caribe in Ponce is a great retail destination for fashion and style. Puerto Rico has really been a tremendous market for us and we’re confident this location will serve us well as we continue to grow our retail footprint within North America and beyond.”  

The jewelry brand, founded by designer Jose Azulay, celebrated its 20th anniversary at the end of 2016. 
The company currently operates locations across North America and over 100 stores in main cities around the world, including Berlin, Madrid, Miami and Milan. 

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‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell suffers panic attack during podcast



Actor Stephen Amell’s recent appearance on the Inside of You podcast went much differently than expected, when the Arrow star began to have a panic attack.

Amell had wrapped his eighth and final season on the CW superhero series, only a couple of weeks before, and he was open about how tired he felt. “I just feel like I’ve been trying to do things for people for the past eight years, and I just need a f***ing break,” Amell told Smallville star-turned-podcaster Michael Rosenbaum. “I wanna be a dad. I wanna be a husband. I don’t even really want to talk to my friends that much. I just need a break, and I cried about it twice today.”

The two spoke at length about Amell’s struggle to break with the show and counseling, which Rosenbaum has endorsed, as an option.

Amell explained that he’d just spent two weeks on the couch, unable to do anything more, and that he hadn’t been eating during that time.

Rosenbaum reminded Amell that he would eventually feel better. He continued to talk up counseling, and he even suggested a specific doctor.

However, Amell needed to end the conversation when he began to sweat. Then, he said he was going to be sick.

“I might have to cut this short, man. I’m not feeling well at all,” Amell said.

He refuses Rosenbaum’s offer of Tylenol and water.

“No, I think I just gotta go,” he said.

Amell said he wanted to walk, despite Rosenbaum’s offer to give him a ride. The actor needed fresh air, he said.

He returned to the show two weeks later in a much different mental place.

“I went home, I laid on the couch, I had an IV service come to the house, and they just pumped me full of fluid and vitamins,” one of which made Amell sleep, he explained in a portion of the show recorded two weeks after his panic attack took place.

When he listened back to the first part of the show, he said, he could tell that his breathing was labored. Looking back, he thinks he should have canceled that appearance. He was just too exhausted, mentally as well as physically. He wasn’t working out the way he would have liked because of an injury.

Since the publicly documented panic attack, Amell said he’s been tracking his sleep and using the Calm app. He hasn’t sought a regular therapist, but he’s been talking to people. He’s also back in the gym, but taking it easy, with the support of his wife.

Amell said he had been ready to move on from Arrow after the seventh season. He signed on for another because it would have been, as he put it, “fiscally irresponsible” not to. Then he ended up having a blast and loving the finished product.

As for the two-part podcast that resulted from Amell’s panic attack, Rosenbaum explained that he’d given the star the option of tossing the whole thing out or simply tacking on a message about how he’s doing well now.

“Yeah, I think you look at him, you think, ‘This is just the perfect human being, the perfect specimen,” Rosenbaum said.

However, everyone involved thought they should air the part of the show about Amell’s struggles.

Fans were emphatically supportive.

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Best Day Dresses on Amazon 2020



Just because it’s Winter doesn’t mean you have to give up on wearing cute dresses. There are plenty of sleeved styles that will keep you warm while still looking stylish. If you want to look at one site with endless options, you need to start doing your shopping on Amazon. It has a massive selection of clothing at a variety of price points.

Instead of spending all of your money in different places, you can buy a few at one retailer. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, you can get free two-day shipping. So quit putting off your Summer shopping, and stock up on our favorite dresses. It will be the smartest decision you make all season.

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