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‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell suffers panic attack during podcast



Actor Stephen Amell’s recent appearance on the Inside of You podcast went much differently than expected, when the Arrow star began to have a panic attack.

Amell had wrapped his eighth and final season on the CW superhero series, only a couple of weeks before, and he was open about how tired he felt. “I just feel like I’ve been trying to do things for people for the past eight years, and I just need a f***ing break,” Amell told Smallville star-turned-podcaster Michael Rosenbaum. “I wanna be a dad. I wanna be a husband. I don’t even really want to talk to my friends that much. I just need a break, and I cried about it twice today.”

The two spoke at length about Amell’s struggle to break with the show and counseling, which Rosenbaum has endorsed, as an option.

Amell explained that he’d just spent two weeks on the couch, unable to do anything more, and that he hadn’t been eating during that time.

Rosenbaum reminded Amell that he would eventually feel better. He continued to talk up counseling, and he even suggested a specific doctor.

However, Amell needed to end the conversation when he began to sweat. Then, he said he was going to be sick.

“I might have to cut this short, man. I’m not feeling well at all,” Amell said.

He refuses Rosenbaum’s offer of Tylenol and water.

“No, I think I just gotta go,” he said.

Amell said he wanted to walk, despite Rosenbaum’s offer to give him a ride. The actor needed fresh air, he said.

He returned to the show two weeks later in a much different mental place.

“I went home, I laid on the couch, I had an IV service come to the house, and they just pumped me full of fluid and vitamins,” one of which made Amell sleep, he explained in a portion of the show recorded two weeks after his panic attack took place.

When he listened back to the first part of the show, he said, he could tell that his breathing was labored. Looking back, he thinks he should have canceled that appearance. He was just too exhausted, mentally as well as physically. He wasn’t working out the way he would have liked because of an injury.

Since the publicly documented panic attack, Amell said he’s been tracking his sleep and using the Calm app. He hasn’t sought a regular therapist, but he’s been talking to people. He’s also back in the gym, but taking it easy, with the support of his wife.

Amell said he had been ready to move on from Arrow after the seventh season. He signed on for another because it would have been, as he put it, “fiscally irresponsible” not to. Then he ended up having a blast and loving the finished product.

As for the two-part podcast that resulted from Amell’s panic attack, Rosenbaum explained that he’d given the star the option of tossing the whole thing out or simply tacking on a message about how he’s doing well now.

“Yeah, I think you look at him, you think, ‘This is just the perfect human being, the perfect specimen,” Rosenbaum said.

However, everyone involved thought they should air the part of the show about Amell’s struggles.

Fans were emphatically supportive.

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OMG Lori Loughlin SO Should Have Pleaded Guilty!!!



Well, if you were on the fence about whether Aunt Becky should have just come clean and told Danny Tanner federal prosecutors everything, the outcome of this case should make up your mind for good.

Lori Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, are accused of bribing USC officials with $500,000 to get their daughters Olivia Jade and Bella admitted to the university as athletes on the crew team — despite the fact neither actually had any intention of joining the team, or even rowed crew at all.

Related: Olivia’s Fake Rowing Resume Is Incredible

While the Full House star is the most famous bust among the dozens arrested in Operation Varsity Blues, her case is far from unique. In fact, another quite similar case was resolved on Tuesday — and it’s kind of a slap in the face for Lori.

Michelle Janavs is the heir to the Hot Pockets fortune, which means she’s rich — but also flaky, LOLz! In all seriousness, her family is worth an estimated $4 BILLION. And she spent big bucks cheating to get her kids into exclusive schools.

Like Lori, Michelle also denied any wrongdoing at first. But the government continued to put the pressure on with new charges. Unlike the Hallmark Channel poster girl, Michelle eventually caved in and pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and honest services mail and wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. (Lori still faces these charges AND has since also been hit with federal programs bribery.)

And so Janavs admitted to conspiring with fraudster Rick Singer (who was busted very early on and flipped, helping the FBI get evidence on everyone else). Per her guilty plea, she:

  • paid $50k to “fix” her daughter’s ACT test — twice
  • agreed to pay $200k to USC athletics administrator Donna Heinel (the same one who allegedly conspired with Lori) to get her daughter into the school as a fake volleyball recruit

She was also accused of paying $400k to Georgetown to get her son in as a Division I tennis recruit. He actually DOES play tennis, though from reports — including a New Yorker interview with a star teammate who didn’t get in — he was nowhere near good enough to gain admission. It seems to have been in the face of new charges related to her son that Janavs folded and pleaded guilty.

On Tuesday the mother of three was sentenced in the case; prosecutors sought a reasonable 21 months — a guilty verdict for either of the crimes she was charged with could have gotten her 20 YEARS — but her legal team argued (again similarly to Lori’s defense) that she was a gullible mom who was duped by bad actors.

In the end Janavs got just 5 MONTHS, which, when all things considered, is extremely light. Heck, Lori has been in a prison of stress and public shame for longer than that.

We can only imagine how this must hurt seeing how lenient judges are being on those who were in her exact same position but chose to accept responsibility instead.

Do YOU think Lori should bite the bullet and plead guilty now? Or take her chances with a jury??

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN/Hot Pockets/CBS Boston/YouTube.]

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Walt Disney Co. names Bob Chapek new CEO. Bob Iger to stay on as company chairman



The Walt Disney Company has named a new CEO.

Bob Chapek is replacing Bob Iger, effective immediately, the company announced Tuesday.

Chapek, 60, was most recently chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, a position created in 2018 and has been with the company for 27 years, according to a news release. 

Iger will stay on as chairman through Dec. 31, 2021.

“With the successful launch of Disney’s direct-to-consumer businesses and the integration of Twenty-First Century Fox well underway, I believe this is the optimal time to transition to a new CEO,” said Iger in a statement. 

Last year, Iger said he planned to step down in 2021. He had previously set a target departure date of 2018, but in March 2017, his contract was extended to July 2, 2019. That December it was extended again through the end of 2021.

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Iger became Disney’s president and chief operating officer in 2000 and added the CEO title in 2005 after Michael Eisner departed. He became chairman in 2012.

He oversaw the expansion of the Mouse House, which added 21st Century Fox’s movie and TV studios and other assets including Fox’s 30% stake in Hulu. The $71.3-billion transaction closed in March 2019.

Chapek is the seventh CEO in company’s nearly 100-year history, Iger said, saying that Chapek “has proven himself exceptionally qualified to lead the Company into its next century.”

His annual base salary is $2.5 million and he is eligible for a bonus of “not less than 300% of the annual base salary,” according to a document filed with the Securities and Exchanges Commission. 

Chapek also will receive “a long-term incentive award having a target value of not less than $15 million” for each fiscal year of the agreement which goes through Feb. 28, 2023, according to the document.

This story will be updated.

Contributing: Mike Snider, Ed Baig

Follow USA TODAY reporter Kelly Tyko on Twitter: @KellyTyko

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Disney CEO: Bob Chapek to replace Bob Iger for top executive role

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Marine Serre Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2020 Show



Marine Serre’s fall ‘20 show allowed viewers to hold both feelings — fear of death and love of life — at once. The audience sat on benches so low, we were nearly on the floor; the space was dark and mirrored, other-worldly from the get-go. Imagining a future in which humans are spread out on inter-connected planets, the collection was grouped around the different cultures on our new hypothetical homes, and the individual environmental and metaphysical challenges they face. An all-white skirt and top, complete with silvery tights and a white face-scarf to protect from moonlight; a double-breasted, floor-length coat fit for battle. Puffer jackets with hoods that, structurally, extended from the torso like an insect thorax, to protect from extreme cold. A black dress with puffer sleeves and a ball-skirt made for time travel. Serre’s visual narrative was so convincing that these scenarios seemed completely within the realm of possibility. 

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