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PressTX is a popular portal of independent news.

Information and news portal PressTX is a portal of news and events for a wide range of readers, we cover the most relevant and interesting topics. The goal of the PreesTX is to provide objective, independent and diverse information on business, politics, sports, science and technology, leisure and entertainment, as well as on special case studies. The PressTX portal occupies a special niche in the modern press, since this publication does not support any parties and blocs, and no oligarch or politician stands for it. The editorial policy of the PressTX meets international standards for independent journalism.

PressTX is open for communication with its readers, newsmakers and journalists.

The cost of advertising.

  1. Posting an article:

The article is posted on permanent basis (forever). Price – $200

  1. Upper center banner:

Banner is displayed on all pages. Size: 1600×408. Price – $2000 / month

  1. Central banner.

On the main page, in the central part of the blocks. Size: 1600 x 408. Price – $1600 / month

  1. Side banner.

Top banner. Size: 300 x 300 or 300 x 250. Price – $600 / month

Medium banner. Size: 300 x 300 or 300 x 250. Price – $500 / month

Bottom banner. Size: 300 x 300 or 300 x 250. Price – $500 / month

  1. Banner above and below the article.

Placement of banners in articles: The size is any horizontal. Price – $200 / month

  1. Placement of video advertising.

Video advertising is placed both inside the article and may be higher and lower. Price – $600 / month

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Independent News feed

Independent portal PressTX publishes news, articles, videos and other information posted automatically and published on various Internet websites of the world.

News and information that is collected by software and placed in a relevant category is presented in news sections regardless of the political position or ideology of Internet sites that have published relevant articles. As a result, the user can review and select news and articles expressing different points of view on the same event. The user can choose himself the topic and source which is interested for him.

Links posted on the news should not be considered as an endorsement of the views of the Internet portal, which are expressed on the relevant Internet pages.

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